Visitor Visas

New Zealand is an amazing place to visit, whatever you wish to experience while here.  We have the most fantastic scenery, friendly people and the landscape seems to change within a short drive.   We have something for everyone no matter what age or adventure you are seeking.

There are many different types of visitor visas available depending on your circumstances, your goals, and reasons for coming to NZ.   It is best to book a consultation with one of our licensed immigration advisers to provide you with your options, pros and cons.

Genuine tourists to New Zealand may be able to apply for visitor visas for up to one year in duration.

Prior to covid-19, Tourists from visa waiver countries and who are staying for a visit of 3 months or less generally do not need to apply for a visitor visa prior to arrival.  At present you will need to apply for a visa, depending on your circumstances.

Note: Most visitor visa applications from outside New Zealand are currently suspended, unless you are exempt. 

You can apply from some quarantine free travel counties: see


Below are some of the most common visas:

  • Visitor visa to as a tourist or visiting family
  • Partners and dependent children of student or work visa holders
  • Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents
  • Culturally arranged marriage
  • Medical treatment
  • To obtain occupational registration
  • Parent and grandparents