Investor Visas


Investment is a straightforward pathway which relies entirely on the size of your investment in New Zealand.

All three of Entrepreneur, Investor 1 and Investor 2 allow you to support your immediate family for residence as well (parents not included). Each application has it’s own merits based on how you want to invest in New Zealand business, and what assets you have available. Even Investor 1 requires a well structured and accurate application, and you will need to prepare plenty of evidence to show you meet all the criteria for lodgement.

Whatever your pathway, residence applications are hard to get right and amazing achievements when they are approved. We regularly field inquiries from applicants who are preparing for all sorts of different applications. Some applications take about two years from start to finish, and it can be devastating if your residence is declined because of simple mistakes.

There are currently two investment visas:

Investor 1 (Plus)
  • Minimum investment of NZ $10 million.
  • No age limit

For the Investor Plus category, the visa applicant will be required to keep investment funds in an acceptable investment for three years. You will also need to spend at least 44 days in New Zealand each year in last 2 years of your 3-year investment period or 88 days over the three year investment period, depending on your investment.

Investor 2
  • Minimum investment of NZ$3.0 million if investing less than 50% into growth investments or NZD$2.5 if investing more than 50% into growth investments
  • 65 years of age or younger

For the Investor 2 category, you will need to keep your investment funds in an acceptable investment for 4 years. You will also be required to spend at least 146 days each year in New Zealand in the last 3 years of your 4-year investment period, or 438 days over the four year investment period, depending on your investment.


Entrepreneur category has a points calculation similar to Skilled Migrant category. This pathway awards points for the amount of capital investment, your managerial skills, the number of jobs you will be creating and the location of your business.

If you meet or exceed the points threshold, you can be granted residence. Entrepreneur category requires a very through business plan and outline, meaning you will need to prepare a lot of documentation before you can apply. We often recommend getting professional business, accounting and legal consultation in addition to Immigration advise.