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If you’re applying for a New Zealand visa, you may need to get a chest x-ray and/or medical certificate as proof of your good health. INZ use x-rays to check for tuberculosis (TB) and medical examinations to check for other medical conditions.

All medical certificates are sent to INZ online by approved PANEL PHYSICIANS. You cannot do medical tests at unapproved clinic if a panel physician is available in your country.

If you’re from a country that uses eMedical, your panel physician can use eMedical to send us your chest x-ray and medical examination results online. Your physician will give you an eMedical reference number after you’ve been examined – you’ll need to provide this with your visa application.

Police certificates must be less than six months old when you submit your application for residence and your first temporary visa application.  In some cases police certificates are valid for 24 months after submission with a visa application. INZ may ask for further police certificates if your initial police certificate becomes a year old from its date of issue before they make a decision on your application.

Police authorities in some countries will only send the certificate direct to Immigration New Zealand. In such cases we recommend that you request your police certificate three months before you apply for your visa. We also recommend that you provide INZ with a copy of the receipt for the requested police certificate (if this is available) to help them to track your certificate and as evidence that the police certificate has been applied for.

Click here for country-specific instructions.

If any of your documents are not in English, you must have them translated into English by a person familiar with both English and the language in which the documents are written.

If you are in New Zealand – we recommend using Internal Affairs for translations.


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